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VX-RAY™ is specially designed to inspect the vehicle interior of Passenger Cars, Saloon Cars, Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Vans, Mini Trucks by using nominal and safe x-ray technique. This latest vehicle screening system conducts efficient and effective vehicle interior inspection at crucial checkpoints through the presentation of a high quality x-ray image instantly.
Side- screening VX-RAY


The VX-Ray is designed by combining several unique technologies. The following technologies are being incorporated to bring about the breakthrough in the product.

X-ray and image processing technology are adopted by using a low energy source to penetrate through a vehicle for the purpose of generating an image of the vehicle’s interior

Dual Energy technology are incorporated to allow colour coded identification of organic objects such as human beings, explosives, liquid and drugs

Intelligent software algorithms are incorporated to automatically search and identify ‘suspicious objects’ that should not be inside the vehicle


Image Inspection Panel displays a high quality 16bit resolution image for object identification

Zoom capability provided to expand specific area of the image for a better view

High pass image modes are provided to allow different perspective of the image captured

Image Enhancement Panel allows image quality adjustment of the image brightness and contrast

Vehicle Information Panel displays important vehicle information such as vehicle image, licence plate number, date of entry, time of entry and remarks field

Control Panel provides navigation control of the image, data search and print. Status bar are also provided to indicate system activation and capturing status

A 500GB hard disk space kept a comprehensive vehicle database that stores all data and vehicle information captured. The database can be searched according to vehicle number, date or time of vehicle entry for daily, monthly or yearly report compilation purposes

System Highlights & Features
  • Determination of organic and inorganic objects using Dual Energy feature
  • Identification of hidden weapons and stowaways
  • Auto detetion feature to determine foreign objects
  • Safe screening solution for drivers and passengers
  • Quick vehicle inspection throughput of 360 cars/hr
  • High quality image for faster interpretation
  • Vehicle screening at 20km/hr
  • Compact system that can effortlessly deploy and integrated with Under Vehicle Surveillance System(UVSS), Under Vehicle Magnetic Sensor(UVMS),Vehicle Licence Plate Recognition System(VLPR), General Scene Capturing System,etc
  • Remote access feature (optional)

Screening of incoming vehicle’s interiors for Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, law enforcement agencies, air & sea ports, custom/border checkpoints,palaces, embassies, petroleum & nuclear plants, hotel, malls and any vital premises.

Technical Specifications
Deployment of Side-screening VX-RAY