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In-vehicle Surveillance System (IVSS) is an advanced security system with the ability to detect cars carrying large volume of unauthorized weight load upon entry to critical installations.

Thorough vehicle inspection is conducted rapidly within seconds using an IVSS Vehicle Clearance Platform and a computerized Receiving Station.

As the vehicle stops on the Clearance Platform placed on flat ground, the system will automatically capture the weight of the vehicle for transmission to the Receiving Station for processing and analysis.

Inspection is conducted on the IVSS Receiving Station General User Interface on Several functions are available on the Receiving Station

Once weight discrepancy is found, a high alert alarm will be activated and the barrier gates will be disabled for further entry. The IVSS computerized user interface will at the same time reveal the exact location where the suspicious weight load is found.

Special Features
Artificial Intelligent (AI) is built into IVSS, facilitating the system to think like a ‘human being’ and to have the ability to perceive and reason like a ‘human being’. Utilizing the captured weight data to create its own set of reasoning through time, it converts these data into security indications that acts as the basis for vehicle clearance.

Every vehicle is tagged with an identity from their vehicle licence plate number and is given individual database. The AI within IVSS will analyze the weight entries in the respective database and creates an appropriate clearance weight for each individual vehicle.

The self-learning system also automatically generates a weight comparison to cross check its analysis with the manufacturer’s original weight database for accuracy enhancement.

The integration of the IVSS™ In Vehicle Surveillance System with UV® Under Vehicle Surveillance System offers security personnel a whole new perspective of vehicle inspection.

The comprehensive vehicle inspection solution offers security users both internal and external inspection of all accessing vehicles within seconds.
Most suitable for law enforcement, defense, prisons, custom checkpoints, airports and seaports.
Technical Specification