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As a pioneer in Vehicle Screening Solution, TeleRadio understands the dynamic nature and changing demands of the industry.  Guided by our philosophy of pioneering change through the cutting-edge technology, TeleRadio has developed Motorcycle X-Ray (MX-Ray) to screen motorcycle compartments and boxes for any suspicious objects with high throughput and low radiation dosage in view of the smuggling activities using the motorcycles in recent years.
MX-Ray is designed to scan any size and type of 2-wheeler motorcycle, helping officers to carry out the inspection of the suspicious motorcycles in a faster manner comparing to the manual check.


Adventure Touring Type Motorcycle with 2 side panniers and top box


All suspicious objects which hidden in the compartments are VISIBLE to operator with MX-Ray


Highlights & Features
  • Ride through or Movable Gantry solution
  • Ride through screening with Passive Filter Technology.
  • Quick inspection with high throughput of 400 Motorcycles/hr.
  • Dual Energy Colour Coded image to differentiate organic and inorganic objects.
  • High quality X-Ray image with the ability to zoom in for detailed inspection.

Screening of incoming vehicle’s interiors for Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, law enforcement agencies, air & sea ports, custom/border checkpoints,palaces, embassies, petroleum & nuclear plants, hotel, malls and any vital premises.