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Under Vehicle Magnetic Sensor(UVMS) detects vehicle undercarriages that are attached with magnets or magnetic objects.

Magnets are found to be commonly used to attach dangerous improvised bombs, weapons or unauthorized objects under the vehicle during unlawful activities.

Hence the ability to detect magnetic objects under the vehicle further brings security to a higher level at vehicle checkpoints.

Magnetic Field Sensing

System includes:

√      1 set of UV® Magnetic Sensor Ramp

√      1 set of UV® Magnetic Sensor Receiving Station

  • 1.UVMS detects magnetic object at right rear

  • 2.UVMS detects magnetic object at left rear

The UVMS is suitable for law enforcement vehicle screening at all crucial vehicle checkpoints, entries to critical installations, airports, military camps, naval base, custom borders, embassies, hotels and important buildings.

System Highlights
  • Designed for outdoor deployment
  • Alerts upon detection of any abnormal magnetic field
  • Pin-point the location of the magnetic object instantaneously
  • Automatic screening with only 1 operator required
  • Review directly from a computerized station
  • < 3 seconds per vehicle
  • Easy to operate with no major training required
  • No major installation required
Optional Features
  • Integrates with Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)
  • Integrates with Automatic Vehicle Licence Plate Recognition (VLPR)
  • Portable systems are available
Technical Specifications