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UV1 is specially designed to scrutinize the undercarriage of vehicles for dangerous explosives, firearms or contraband during vehicle access. The system captures two different areas under the vehicle when the vehicle is driven over the observation ramp. This image is presented on a 19” LCD monitor for immediate inspection.

1. Robust Surface Mount Observation Ramp
The robust Observation Ramp is built in with high quality capturing colour cameras and LED illuminations. It can be easily installed by mounting the robust steel ramp above the road. As vehicle approaches, the system is automatically activated using vehicle detectors. As vehicle exits, the system is automatically deactivated and placed on standby mode.

The Observation Ramp is design to withstand 48 tonnes of vehicle weight. Hence heavy vehicles can also be screened.

2. UV1 Receiving Station

A computer controller together with a 19” LCD monitor is provided for inspection and processing purposes. The captured undercarriage video is displayed live on a user-friendly software graphic user interface (GUI). Two (2) large separate panels clearly display the video of the left and right undercarriage of the vehicle on the top of the GUI. The software is used to control the entire system.

Recording and Playback Panel will record videos when vehicles are coming and display the recorded video by a button.

Video Control Panel allows user to increase, decrease the image’s contrast and brightness, playback recorded videos and navigate for stored video files.

Vehicle Information Panel displays license plate when manually input displaying the date and time of vehicle entry.


Law enforcement agencies, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, custom & border checkpoints,parliament houses, palaces, embassies, petroleum plants, banks, hotels, etc.

Technical Specifications