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UV 2 Monochrome
The Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) is specially designed to provide a fast and effective means for security professionals to scrutinize the undercarriage of a vehicle without causing great disturbances to the traffic flow. it can be deployed at crucial entry points of buildings or critical infrastructures.
UV 2 Monochrome

UV 2 Monochrome Under Vehicle Surveillance System adopts advanced Line Scan image processing technology to provide a detailed inspection resulting format of high resolution black-and-white real time image of a vehicle’s undercarriage in seconds. It works like a scanner or photocopy to produce error free, continuous undercarriage picture.

The system enables security officers to scrutinize any under-vehicle explosive devices, contraband or suspicious items attached to the undercarriage of all types of vehicle such as car, MPV, lorry or container truck. In addition, there are also optional features that can be incorporated into the system to provide clients a total vehicle scanning and management system at the entrance of the premise.

This advanced technology has replaced the conventional method of using mirror search stick to screen the vehicle as it gives a complete undercarriage image on the display screen to make inspection easier and able to store the images as backup/record for future referencing.
UV 2 (GUI)

Complete, Clear and Monochrome image is provided for checking within 3 seconds

Scan up to 60km/hr

16x ultra zooming ability for detailed inspection of undercarriage

Images can be retrieved and archived into a thumb drive, portable hard disk.

Small image size of not more 500Kbytes allows better storage capacity

Allows visual comparison of current image with historical image

Built-in search feature allows quick and easy access to the vehicle entry database

Print on-demand facility included for vehicle entry reporting purposes

User-friendly navigation icons for easy manoeuver of images

Security feature using password entry for log-in and information retrieval purposes

Brightness and contrast control level icons for optimal image quality

500G hard disk stores up to 200,000 vehicle information

UVSS Screening



Components of the UV 2 consist of the following:
a.   Observation Unit (embedded mounting that flushed into the ground or surfaced mounted ramp on the surface)
b.   Interface Controller & Power Junction Unit (install next to observation unit)
c.   Computerised Receiving Station at the sentry booth/security control room (used as permanent inspection display for security personnel)


The Observation Unit, which contains built-in monochrome line scan camera with LED lighting modules, is able to screen the width of any vehicles. The Receiving Station is a computer processor that allows viewing, recording, storing and managing the images for the security personnel to check the undercarriage comfortably at the sentry booth.

Triggering sensor such as loop detector is used to detect the incoming vehicle and send the signal to UV2 Monochrome for activation automatically. It will also deactivate the system once it leaves the detector.

Signals from the line scan camera will transmit to the Receiving Station via Interface Controller & Power Junction Unit upon triggering. The Receiving Station will then process the data into a complete picture of the undercarriage for display on the user interface screen. The user-friendly UV 2 GUI offers the security guard imaging icon, playback, etc features to conduct under vehicle inspection.
Highlights & Features
  • Scan vehicle travelling up to 60km/hr
  • Zoom image up to 16x
  • Adjust contrast and brightness of the image
  • Retrieve historical data of the vehicle
  • Identify vehicle using licence plate number
  • Record vehicle’s date & time of entry
  • Save to External Hard Disk
  • 3-second fast inspection time
  • Vehicle entry database & reporting feature
  • Vehicle search feature
  • Security password protection

Law enforcement agencies, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defence, custom & border checkpoints, parliament houses, palaces, embassies, petroleum plants, banks, hotels, etc.

Technical Specifications
Deployment of UVSS